Issue 17 - June 2011

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Oireachtas Brief 17

Oireachtas Brief 17 (OB17) covers the 31st Dail and 24th Seanad during May 2011. During this period, the new Seanad and, if the constitution is amended, the last, met only once, on 25th May. Oireachtas Brief 18, to be published in July, will cover the work of the Oireachtas in June.

1 Debates
Poverty impact study before 2012 budget
Tús trialled
Traveller resource posts
Ending funding for Rape Crisis Network
FAS cuts

2 News
Reorganization and early work of new government departments
National Literacy Strategy
Recognition of Travellers as an ethnic group
No independent complaints system in direct provision
Regeneration scheme: minister restates commitment
Joint Policing Committees
National Lottery funding