Issue 2 - April 2010

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Introducing the Charities Act

The Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, Pat Carey informed the Dail of progress in implementing the Charities Act, 2007 (Dail Eireann, Debates, 1st April 2010, 295, 302-3).  He told Richard Bruton (FG, Dublin NC) that his officials were working to get ready the register of charities to be published on establishment day, which involved over 7,000 organizations.  As for financial and activity reporting, the Charities Regulation Unit of his department had hosted a conference in Dublin Castle in January.  This was carried out parallel to and was most likely to be informed by a broader review of UK and Ireland Generally Agreed Accounting Principles (GAAP) being undertaken by the Accountancy Standards Board.  The majority of provisions of the Charities Act were contingent on both the new Register of Charities and the new Authority being in place though, subject to legal advice, some individual provisions of the Act might be commenced before the bulk of the Act.  So far, §99 (sale of pre-signed mass cards) had been commenced on 1st September 2009, but it was the subject of a constitutional challenge which he understood would go the Supreme Court.