Issue 68

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Oireachtas Brief 68, April 2014 (final, closing issue)

Welcome to Oireachtas Brief, the information service for social justice NGOs and voluntary sector activists interested in issues of poverty and social exclusion in the Oireachtas.  Oireachtas Brief is provided by The Wheel and the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) Ireland, supported by the Atlantic Philanthropies and edited by Brian Harvey.   The service is sent from, where you may search old bulletins by date of issue, topic and speaker.  


You have received this email because, according to our information, you opted in to the service. If this is not the case, or if you later wish to opt out, please send a message to the appropriate section at   New subscribers are always welcome and should go to the ‘subscribe’ section of the site.  The service is irregular and depends on sittings of the Oireachtas.  It is absolutely not available for advertising nor for the posting of other messages, so please do not ask, lest refusal offend.  Comments and corrections are welcome to


Note that e-links are not provided for each specific reference and readers must locate the pages in question themselves through the Oireachtas site. The original texts are on line at (go to Dail debates and Seanad debates).  Here, brackets provide the references by house (Dail or Seanad, day and page number) to assist your search in the PDF file.   This issue covers the Dail and Seanad for the first half of April 2014, before the Easter adjournment.  The Dail resumes on 30th April and the Seanad on 7th May.




Closure of Oireachtas Brief service

1 News: Charity regulator appointed: Una Ni Dhubhghaill

Last funding for community fora

Other news

2 Debates: Future of Bringing it all back home programme

Other debates 


Closure of Oireachtas Brief service

Oireachtas Brief is an online information service for social justice NGOs and voluntary sector activists interested in discussion of social justice in the Oireachtas and over 1,000 are currently subscribed.  The Wheel and EAPN Ireland have managed this service for the last four years because we believe that it is vital for democracy and the effectiveness of advocacy by the community and voluntary sector that users receive clear and relevant information on debates and decisions in the Oireachtas.


In recent editions, we have advised you of the funding challenges that EAPN Ireland and The Wheel are experiencing with regard to the continuation of the Oireachtas Brief service.  In summary, since Mary 2010 to date, the Oireachtas Brief website and e-newsletter have been made possible through a joint agreement between The Wheel and EAPN Ireland, when it replaced the previous Dailbrief e-mail newsletter.  For the first two years, Oireachtas Brief was funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies and since March 2012, all of the funding has been provided by The Wheel and EAPN Ireland. Unfortunately, due to funding cuts to ongoing both our organizations, we are no longer in a position to continue to cover 100% of these costs, which amount to €8,000 per annum. 


The Wheel was in a position carry 25% of the costs and the shortfall per year is projected to be in the order of €6,000. Over the last three months we approached organizations in the sector with a view to potentially covering this shortfall through the creation of a coalition of funding partners who might oversee the service’s continuation. We also advertised the funding opportunity in recent editions of the Oireachtas Brief email newsletter and on the website. 


Unfortunately, it was not possible to secure the level of funding required to continue the service and as a result, we have had to regretfully decide to close the service.  We are very sorry that it has not been possible to continue the service and regret its passing.  


Yours sincerely,


Deirdre Garvey, CEO, the Wheel,

Robin Hanan, Director EAPN Ireland,