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1 Debates: RAPID, CLAR, dormant accounts and the Troika

Eamon O Cuiv (FF, Galway W) asked the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan to spell out his plans for the future of the RAPID and CLAR schemes (Dail Eireann, Debates, 23rd October 2012, 9-11).  The minister, Phil Hogan, told him that he had provided €440,000 this year (later, he gave a figure of €88,000) for the five new RAPID towns of Ballina, Dungarvan, Enniscorthy, Mullingar and Rathkeale, with further money due in 2013 from dormant accounts subject to the budget.  RAPID as a whole was part of the County Development Boards, which were to be phased out under local government reform and that would have implications which would be addressed in due course.  As for CLAR, no fresh funding had been approved since August 2008 and it was not proposed to re-open it.  It was wound down, but €500,000 had been allocated this year to meet earlier commitments.  The capital expenditure review of July 2010 indicated that these investment needs should be met by the relevant departments.


Eamon O Cuiv argued that the minister could fund RAPID from the €100m of non-committed money in the Dormant Accounts Fund.  The minister said he could not do so, because of the troika had included it within the government borrowing ceiling and it was counted as borrowings – ‘it is seen as money owed by the state to individuals who may have a dormant account in the future’.   Eamon O Cuiv argued that this could be altered by a simple change in the law which would free up the money, but the minister stated that he could not do this.


Separately, he gave Eamon O Cuiv details of dormant accounts cash flows 2003-2012, with spending over 2009-11 (Dail Eireann, Debates, 3rd October 2012, w/a 70-72).  Current funds were €169.305m, of which €17.968m were committed and €54.542m were in the statutory reserve.