Community development

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Approval of new models in Local and Community Development Programme

The Minister for Community, Equality & Gaeltacht Affairs, Pat Carey, told the Dail that he had approved alternative models for the integration of the old Community Development Programme into the new Local and Community Development Programme (Dail Eireann, Debates, 29th September 2010, 952).   He was replying to questions from Jack Wall (Lab, Kildare S) and Brian O’Shea (Lab, Waterford).  Those approved were HSE South; Limerick City CDPs with PAUL Partnership; and the Women’s Sector.  Although the deadline for other proposals had passed, a small number of other alternatives was still under consideration and the groups concerned would soon be informed of the outcome.

> See also Dail Eireann, Debates, 5th October 2010, 548-9