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Funding for Equality for Women

The Minister for Justice and Equality, Alan Shatter, informed Padraig Mac Lochlainn (SF, Donegal NE) of the funding currently provided under the European Social Fund Equality for Women measure  (Dail Eireann, Debates, 25th June 2013, 359-360). The minister told him that the difficult financial situation had required him to make spending reductions, but he had tried to maintain frontline services such as policing and security, while the 2013 budget allocation prompted a review of the Equality for Women measure (EWM). €1m was being spent in 2013, which was funding the women in employment and entreprenurial strands.  For the Access to employment strand, 2012 projects were invited to submit fresh proposals and 23 would shortly begin a new phrase.  Strand 3, Career development for women in enterprise had drawn a disappointing response, with only one project approved, while his department had submitted an application to support women’s role in decision-making.