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Protection of the pension

Asked by Terence Flanagan (FG, Dublin NE) as to his plans for the old age pension in the 2011 budget, the Minister for Social Protection Eamon O Cuiv told the Dail that the government was committed to maintaining the state pension at 33% of average earnings (Dail Eireann, Debates, 1st July 2010, 525-6).  In 2021, the state pension age would rise to 67 and in 2028 to 68.  From 2012 social insurance credits would be introduced for people who took time out of the workforce for caring duties, to replace the homemaker’s disregard and assist people, especially women, to qualify for a contributory pension in their own right.  The minimum number of paid contributions for the pension would increase from 260 to 520  and 30 years would be required to qualify for maximum pension.