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Salaries in the voluntary and community sector

The Minister for Justice & Equality, Alan Shatter, responding to concerns expressed by Kevin Humphries (Lab, Dublin SE) that salaries from charitable funds should be disclosed, told the Dail that   the Charities Act, 2009, was not prescriptive on this issue (Dail Eireann, Debates, 7th June 2011, 554).  Whilst he accepted the principle that charity employees should not be excessively remunerated, it was important that employment in the charities sector be regarded as an attractive option for high quality candidates.  Salaries would depend, as elsewhere, on the size of organization, the range and level of duties, experience and qualifications.  The information required by the Charities Regulatory Authority would show how charities operated and on that basis people would decide who to support and he expected them to assist those that focussed their resources on charitable purposes rather than administration, though it was accepted that charities had overheads like any other business.  There was still much work to do before the Authority was established.